Eszter Boros

Career Transitions: Counselling & Training

Hi there and welcome to my website!

I believe in a world where people enjoy what they do, work in decent conditions, receive fair payment and live a healthy life.  With my work as a counsellor and trainer, I'd like to contribute to that future!

Are you in the middle of career transitions? Let's work on it together and make it a smooth transition.

"At the age of 23, I moved from Budapest to Berlin with a suitcase and a backpack. The rest is history."

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Are you at a career crossroads?

Would you like to land a (new) job in Germany? Do you struggle confidently presenting yourself in your CV and application folder?

Let me help you with that! 

Would you like to pause and reflect? Do you want discuss small and big questions of life? Do you want to get connected to people and your environment?

Let me help you with that! 

Are you ready for a career break? Would you like to make your dream sabbatical happen? Or are you facing unemployment in Germany?

Let me help you with that! 

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Who am I?

A career counsellor and trainer, with hundreds of hours giving online and offline workshops on career choice and passion project development.

And I am much more than that. A controller and liber arts graduate, an event and project manager and a soon-to-be outdoor educator.

Where do you find me?

Between Berlin and Budapest. Sometimes the long way round.

What do clients say?

"Eszter is a very kind, empathic and highly competent coach. I can, of course, only speak from my own side, but I must admit that she helped me a lot regarding some tricky questions. All the other coaches and workshops just made my situation more dramatic and could not speak about all those different paths that were still open to me. Eszter offered her help when I already started giving up on many of my plans based on what others said. Instead of all those "it will not work because" prophecies, she pointed out HOW my endeavours could still fit into the German job market and what alternatives I could still choose if something went wrong. I had a couple of very basic inquiries that concerned the difference between the job market of my home country and Germany, but I also struggled with the question of how to proceed with a rare and specific profession, so that I will still be able to find a job in a field that also suits me. She gave personalized advice and throughout our discussion, I did not feel lost and disparate anymore, but comfortable and reassured thanks to her lovely and friendly personality and super ideas. I got a lot of input and also links from her and now I know where to start. The rest depends on me. Thank you so much, Eszter!"

Krisztina from Hungary / in Germany for 5 years

"Eszter's impact extends to personalized support – she played a pivotal role in refining my CV through multiple revisions, offering constructive feedback until achieving perfection. Her guidance not only enhanced my resume but also positioned me for success in my career journey. 

I confidently recommend Eszter as a career counselor and trainer. Her commitment and guidance make her an invaluable asset for anyone navigating their career journey."

Salome Gelashvili / High School Student in Georgia

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